Inconnection Ready Made Events are the perfect way to engage your colleagues, customers and associates while ensuring the safety of everyone at all times. Available in virtual, socially distanced and hybrid formats, they are available for a fixed price per head - with the option to customise your event format to meet your business goals for any number of guests.

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Ready Made Event Gallery

01. New Possibilities

With Inconnection Ready Made Events you can easily host an event for your key stakeholders. A complete range of experiences is available to suit individual interests including tasting experiences, sports nights, motivational speaker events, comedy nights and culinary experiences.

And, with prices starting at £60 per person, there's something for everyone.

Event Gallery

02. Virtual Events

Our Ready Made Events are available as virtual events that create the perfect shared experience for remote workers or geographically dispersed audiences. Once you've chosen your event, we help with everything from inviting guests to post-event follow-up. And, for added impact, we provide a host (such as a motivational speaker, sportsperson or industry expert) to take care of your guests. Events are hosted on your technology platform of choice, with the option to use our proven system complete with special features including polls and games.

03. Socially Distanced

There are many ways to bring people together under the rules of the new normal for business and society. Our Ready Made Events include options to host your audience in safe environments that will provide your guests with all-important personal contact and interaction without the fear of breaking any rules or regulations. All of which means that everything from comedy nights to golf days can be hosted in complete confidence.

Golf Days

04. Hybrid Events

By combining ready made virtual and socially distanced events, we create hybrids that bring the best of both worlds. Your guests come together as one, with some joining via technology platforms and others in person. For maximum reach, multiple venues can be connected to a single event, creating a shared experience for your entire network of guests. Any combination of our Ready Made Events can be delivered, request our information pack for full details of the formats available.

05. Matched to You

Inconnection Ready Made Events are designed with results in mind, with formats that are ideal for:

  • - Stakeholder engagement
  • - Reward and recognition
  • - Motivation and team-building
  • - Sales incentives
  • - Networking and collaboration
  • - Awareness and brand building
  • - Training and internal comms
  • - Keep in touch programmes

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