Why Use an Online Rewards Platform?

12 May 2016

Inconnection knows that online rewards platforms can re-energise a flagging team, gamify results and spark morale-boosting competition on the sales floor. We know because we see it every day as we manage the bespoke platforms that we build, deliver and run for some of our boldest and best-performing clients. Gone are the clumsy incentives—the carriage clock for 25 years of service, the annual cash bonus at Christmas. They're dead in the water, and it was dynamic, scalable and intuitive rewards programmes that killed them. We tailor platforms to our clients' requirements, use our wealth of experience and buying power to provide unique reward options, and build systems that work hard for clients and create sustained improvement across relevant KPIs.

It's a brave new world for rewards programmes, and we know that it can seem daunting if you haven't experienced one of these platforms for yourself. But uptake and integration are simple, and the possible rewards are immense. Here are just a few reasons why you should be using an online rewards platform.

Aligning with Business Objectives.

Sometimes a stand-alone showstopper of an incentive just isn’t the right fit for your organisation. Many clients find that the business objectives they are looking to further with their rewards are better served by a points-earning platform—an always-on incentive programme that runs alongside their business workflows.

A successful motivation plan has three key traits: focus, repetition and positive reinforcement. Focus is the key to successfully aligning your rewards programme with your business objectives—clearly delineating what needs to be done, how points are recorded and collected, and how certain accomplishments are rewarded is absolutely key. The repetition of that business focus comes with ongoing comms and a platform designed to reassert and reassure the user of those aims. Repeated positive reinforcement comes from the regular opportunity to earn great rewards.

Sustaining and Reinforcing Motivation.

Motivation can be hard to define and even harder to sustain. Keeping a workforce motivated and incentivised is never a question of a sticking a gold star on them and walking away, though. It needs managing and overseeing, a light touch but a deliberate one. A rewards platform is ideal, as it creates an ongoing motivational landscape that doesn't require constant direct input from management. That avoids a rewards programme feeling like an intrusion, meddling or micro-management from leadership, while keeping incentives in staff’s eyeline.

Ease of Use & Management

The widespread availability of always-on tech, mobile connectivity and usable, intuitive online rewards platforms are a gift for leaders looking for innovative ways to incentivise their teams. The technology is easier to use than ever, the results easier to measure, the ROI easier to demonstrate and the budget easier to justify. Users and management can access the platform from anywhere at any time with the click of a button, allowing the platform to reach beyond work hours and the office environment.

Partnering with an experienced company with a proven track record of creating and managing platforms that deliver real value and measurable ROI can minimise the amount of time your organisation needs to dedicate to running the platform. Ease of use is built in; ease of management is simple with the right partner organisation.

Fully Managing Prizes and Rewards Budget.

Rewards platforms can be tailored to your budget, your specification and your choice of prizes. We know from experience that different teams are motivated in different ways and by different rewards—that’s why we source a comprehensive range of prizes from the simple to the simply mind-blowing. Our buying power allows us to provide the incentives you need on budget—talk to us about creating your vision within your means, you might be surprised.

The platform itself provides a simple interface for managing, maintaining and justifying your rewards budget, and the framework is completely scalable, so the platform can be easily dialled up as you see the results for yourself.

Whatever your requirement when it comes to a corporate rewards platform—a globally dispersed sales team to keep happy, a vendor promotional budget under tight scrutiny, limited man hours to dedicate to platform management—we can help. We can design and deliver you a bespoke 'points mean prizes' platform that integrates perfectly with your existing systems and processes, and offers built-in ways of measuring effectiveness, uptake and ROI. We can work with you to pick the perfect incentives for your people, from high street vouchers to high-end tech, and from spa days to once-in-a-lifetime trips.

This is what we do, and we’d love to help you to see the benefits for yourself. Interested? We hope so. Excited? You should be. Drop us a line through our contact page.