What Sales Leaders Need to Know this Christmas

7 November 2016

As the mercury dips, the nights draw in and we push ever-deeper into Q4, thoughts are only turning one way—Christmas. Recent years have seen the reinvention of the season’s tired, played-out celebrations, and the awkward after-work drinks and underwhelming disco at the local conference hotel are increasingly a thing of the past. At their best corporate Christmases are now immersive, exciting and full of imagination, driven by companies’ genuine appreciation of their relationships with staff and third parties.

It’s a brave new world out there, but as always we’re here to guide you through it. So without further ado let’s get into what sales leaders need to know this festive season—from corporate Christmas gifts to next-level staff parties...

The Staff Christmas Party

These days there are endless options for a festive event that becomes the stuff of legend. Here are a just few of them:

1. An Exclusive Event or Activity Bar

Cities across the UK are slowly catching up with London on unreal Christmas party venues, but if you can get to the capital the options are jaw-dropping. For an event at scale you could opt for 8 Northumberland Avenue and one of its two Christmas themes (the lantern and snowy foliage-draped Enchanted Forest, or the whodunit-themed House of Clues). For even more take a look at central London ping-pong institution Bounce (a private room with wiff-waff and great food for up to 120), the characterful 50s-themed Americana of the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, cocktail lessons and seasonal drinks at the Experimental Cocktail Club in Chinatown, or any number of other next-level events at London's countless museums, galleries, speak-easy bars, boats and other venues.

2. A Restaurant Booking

Increasingly people are opting to make a meal of the Christmas party by booking a restaurant out and hosting the whole evening there. Our industry connections and buying power allow us to swing bookings at restaurants where reservations are like gold dust, and we’ve always got an ear to the ground for the best options out there. Look at up-and-comers like Bao Fitzrovia (an expansion from the already-legendary Soho branch) and Shoreditch's Smokestak, or established favourites like Dishoom, Kaspar's at the Savoy and any one of the high-end chain restaurants across the capital for starters...

3. When is a party not a party?

Sales leaders are increasingly refusing to limit themselves to the traditional staff party. Once you free yourself from those limitations the possibilities are endless—the ‘Christmas party’ could be a team building weekend on a specially commissioned, pan-European 'Amazing Race'-style event. It could be a week's skiing in January for staff or clients (when the snow is still good and budgets stretch a little further) or a spa weekend in Paris with a shopping budget for high performers. All of a sudden the humble Christmas party could be something very, very exciting...

Gifts for Staff, Partners & Clients

There has also been a quiet revolution when it comes to corporate Christmas gifts. Gone are the cheap bottles of wine and the occasional turkey, as sales leaders realise the value of considered gifts that remind staff, partners and clients of the closeness of your working relationships.

Vouchers are a great option for employees. They can't be absorbed into general funds and lost to bills, already-booked holidays and general household costs like cash, and they give staff the freedom to choose their own reward.

There are also countless options for small, personal corporate Christmas gifts for staff, partners and clients that can help build relationships and keep your organisation top of mind. Popular choices include festive hampers, personalised or branded wines and spirits, gift cards for experience days or local restaurants, and seasonal baked goods from local specialists delivered directly to the office.

If you're looking for an exceptional, no-fuss festive event or gift option, then look no further than the London Comedy Lunch. This hugely successful comedy event in the heart of London is being held at the HAC on Thursday December 8th, and Dara Ó Briain is headlining—for more information visit the event's website now. We're down to a final few tables still available, to secure your table today please contact Sarah on 0161 482 3311 or sarah@inconnection.uk.com

We have a wealth of experience in creating incredible festive events, securing hard-to-get venues and exclusive incentives, and sourcing corporate Christmas gift packages for employees, clients and partners. We'd love to talk to you about your ideas and requirements—and to help you deliver them on time, on budget and on brand. Get in touch now via the Contact page.