UK Incentive Travel: The Rise of the Incentive 'Staycation'

28 June 2018

While recent years have seen the rise of some incredible emerging incentive destinations (and the continued popularity of some of the big hitters - see our ’10 Hottest Incentive Travel Destinations for 2018’), economic and political uncertainty as a result of ongoing Brexit negotiations and other world events have seen the pound unpredictable against the dollar and euro.

The result for some businesses is the same trend that saw a reported 6% year-on-year drop in outbound tourism from the UK between 2016-2017. Many UK-based organisations are choosing the cheaper, more reliable option of looking at homegrown incentive travel – experiences of a lifetime on their doorstep.

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Let’s take a closer look at what makes UK incentive travel so exciting, and where to go to make the most of what's on offer...

UK Incentive Travel: What’s the Big Deal?

It’s budget friendly

This is the big one. UK incentive travel means less spend on outbound and return travel and, with the pound unpredictable and regularly fluctuating against the dollar and euro, allocated budgets stretch further and are easier to keep a handle on at home than abroad.  

It cuts time requirements

Another big consideration for sales leaders is often the amount of downtime needed in workflows to accommodate incentive trips. UK incentive travel means less time out for travel and no buffer time for jetlag. As one client put it, “It’s great – a 48 hr incentive trip takes 48 hrs!”.

It's all on your doorstep

Between road, rail and domestic flights, almost the whole of the UK is quickly and easily accessible, particularly from major cities. Attendees can even choose to drive their own vehicles, further reducing outlay on travel.

And while familiarity can go a long way towards making people feel more comfortable, the UK can still offer surprising, exhilarating experiences with the best of them.

There are incredible options

The UK is simply one of the best destinations on the planet, with some of the world’s most exciting cities, beautiful landscapes, best outdoors offerings and most iconic cultural sights.

The UK is compact too - you can live the high life at a rooftop cocktail bar one day, and be rafting down rapids just a few miles away the next.

UK Incentive Travel: Where to Go

We talk a lot about London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Gleneagles and a few other key UK incentive destinations (with good reason – they’re all world-class see the UK’s 5 best incentive travel destinations for more on them), but there’s much, much more to UK incentive travel than those headline destinations… some of our other favourites include:      

Bath, Oxford & the Cotswolds

'The Heart of England' is a beautiful area of southern England is laid back, refined and affluent - all rolling countryside, grand Georgian terraces and cosy cottages.

Book a private drinks reception at Bath's ancient Roman Baths, enjoy treatments and downtime at the Thermae Bath Spa, explore the countryside on a 4x4 experience, catch a candlelit concert in Oxford and explore the Isis or Avon rivers by boat.

Cornwall & Devon

Flying to Newquay from Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds or London makes Cornwall and nearby Devon a very viable UK incentive option.

This whole coastal area of the south west is all about picturesque villages, outstanding destination seafood restaurants, and a next-level outdoors offering.

Manchester, Liverpool & the Peak District

We might be a bit biased, but Manchester is one of the UK's best incentive travel destinations. Liverpool is an outstanding city too - from Beatles-themed treasure hunts to lunch at Anfield's Boot Room Café.

Head out into the jaw-dropping Peak District for peak climbs, off-road experiences and much more. 

Hampshire & the Solent

Head for Hampshire's south coast to the Solent - the home of British sailing.

From the buzz and drama of Cowes Week, the oldest and largest sailing regatta in the world, to exceptional year-round sailing experiences, the Solent is the ideal destination for beginners and salty old sea dogs alike.

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