Surprise! How Inconnection rewarded staff with a surprise trip to Copenhagen

7 February 2020

We see, measure and leverage the power of rewards in our work with clients – and we practice what we preach. That’s why, after a brilliant year for the agency, Inconnection’s leadership team organised a surprise overnight trip to Copenhagen in December 2019.

The Power of Rewards

  • 82% of ‘motivated’ employees received some form of reward or recognition for a job well done. 69% of ‘unmotivated’ employees in the same report did not (Red Letter Days for Business)
  • Over 40% of new hires consider an employer’s rewards programme when applying for a job (Reba)
  • Companies spending 1% of payroll on recognition are 79% more likely to see better financial results (PeoplePulse)

But for us, it’s not just about the numbers. With everything we do, we’re striving to create memories that matter. Lasting memories are powerful for business, but it can be difficult to cut through the noise of today’s information saturated society and 24/7 on culture.

Our Science of Memories research identifies the factors which strengthen the formation of memories and we use those to design events and incentives that are scientifically proven to be memorable.

Here’s what our Marketing Executive, Becca, had to say about what it was that made our trip to Copenhagen an incredibly effective and unforgettable reward…

Surprise makes memories stick

Whilst we knew we were going somewhere abroad, we had no idea of the destination until we were at Manchester Airport with our bags packed and passports in hand. Rumours had been circulating but it was all kept well under wraps until we were each handed a sealed envelope that we opened together to reveal the destination and two-day itinerary.

Not only did the element of surprise create an exciting build up, it’s also proven to aid the formation of lasting memories. When our brain processes unexpected events, different areas of the brain are recruited and so the memory is strengthened. We’re still talking about the moment we found out where we were going and we’re sure we will be in months, maybe years down the line!

A shot of adrenaline

The ‘fear factor’ has also been proven to enhance memory formation. Many studies have found that people’s recollection of fearful events is heightened and vivid memories can be recalled with ease even after long periods of time.

Understandably, bungee jumping or cliff diving isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but an afternoon at Tivoli Gardens – the second oldest amusement park in the world – was the perfect adrenaline inducing activity to add to our itinerary. Rollercoasters, bumper cars and fairground rides in the beautiful setting of the amusement park had the whole team captivated – so much so we stayed until the very last ride!

Team work makes experiences unforgettable

Powered by an interactive app, the second day saw us undertake a treasure hunt around the city. We split into two groups (chosen not so randomly at dinner the night before!) and completed a whole host of challenges.

It turns out Inconnection employees are the competitive type and the fact we’d had a late night and a smidge of a hangover didn’t hold anyone back. We were seen running through the city to complete the challenges on time but there could only be one winner – Adele’s team!

After the fun we had working as a team, it’s not hard to understand why belonging has been scientifically proven to strengthen the formation of memories. It’s due to something called the ‘own-group bias’ and also the fact that shared memories are more likely to be reminisced which further strengthens the pathways in the brain.

These types of experiences are exactly what we create for our clients and attendees, whether it’s an incentive trip abroad or an event here in the UK. We would love to talk to you about how recognition, rewards and incentives can help drive the results you need and add value across your business.

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