Introducing MEMDEX by Inconnection

10 December 2018

In a connected, digitally integrated and data-driven world, we believe that the events industry needs to be more accountable.

The ability to monitor, measure and manage how memorable an event is an important breakthrough as experiential, hospitality, incentive and rewards-based marketing are amongst the most powerful – but least well measured – elements of the marketing mix.

MEMDEX is Inconnection’s new measurement index for event-based marketing evaluation – and it’s going to revolutionise the way organisations measure and manage the effectiveness of their events, incentives and rewards.

This autumn we completed our first MEMDEX survey, for an overseas incentive trip that took place more than two years ago. That incentive registered a MEMDEX score of 8.1 – providing the client with a quantifiable measure of the memorability of the trip, and giving them a baseline to measure the long-term impact of the incentive against. That’s a game-changer.

Let us quickly introduce you to MEMDEX.

What is MEMDEX?

MEMDEX measures how memorable a marketing event was to its participants. Scores range from zero to ten, to one decimal place, with higher scores representing higher recall.  For example, 2 weeks after a sampling event the MEMDEX score may be 6.7, 2 years after a sales conference the MEMDEX score may be 5.9.

How are MEMDEX scores used?

MEMDEX scores are comparable, allowing organisations to benchmark effectiveness against a host of control measures including previous events, peer group events and alternative event formats.

Over the medium/long term MEMDEX scores can be used to manage and extend the period over which an event remains effective at fulfilling its objectives.

Why are MEMDEX scores important?

Events are typically evaluated against different factors depending on their purpose – from revenue generated or leads qualified, to demographics engaged or a boost in productivity.

But regardless of the differing business objects of events, they tend to be unified by the need to establish mindshare with the target audience. 

MEMDEX measures the memorability of events after an appropriate period of time and is an important measure of relevance to all.

What can I do with my MEMDEX scores?

The most obvious use of MEMDEX scores is to evaluate effectiveness and benchmark performance.  However, the scores are also a powerful planning tool as Inconnection is able to advise clients on event factors and features that stimulate memorability.

We are passionate about the evaluation of events and the framework that measurement creates to drive continual improvement. We couldn’t be more excited to offer MEMDEX to interested clients.

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MEMDEX is currently a beta programme, scheduled for full roll-out next year, but MEMDEX scores are already being calculated for selected clients.

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