Meet the Team: Emma Dowdy, Account Director

26 November 2019

From international conferences and sales kick offs to incredible incentives in South Africa and the Arctic Circle, no two weeks are the same at Inconnection and our newly promoted Account Director, Emma Dowdy, can vouch for that.

But it’s not all about travel, Emma has been heading up some of our largest accounts for over a year, building key relationships and honing her focus on delivering unforgettable customer experiences.

We caught up with her to talk about exciting times at Inconnection, the value of being on site for events, and where we might be going for the Inconnection Christmas do this year…

Hi Emma, thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule this morning. First of all, congratulations on your promotion to Account Director!

Thanks, it’s an exciting time for me – and a really exciting time at Inconnection. We’re growing fast, bringing in some really experienced new team members and plenty of new talent.

We’re recruiting for even more specialist roles too, so we’re going to have more experience, capacity and expertise in house than we’ve ever had before. That’s great news for our clients!            

Absolutely! Can you give us a brief outline of the projects you’re currently working on?

We’ve got a really busy few weeks ahead with multiple client events, so I’ve been working across lots of different accounts. But my main focus has been working to deliver a week-long conference in Sitges which took place recently and I’m just back from a client incentive in Kiruna, northern Sweden.

Being on the ground at events is essential for me – it’s the best way to build and nurture real, mutually valuable relationships, get to know clients, and ensure that I’m constantly driving the best service, value and creative solutions for them that I can. Our London Comedy Lunch is always a great opportunity for that, I’ll be hosting a table of clients at next week’s event so I’m really looking forward to it.

How will your involvement in the planning and delivery of events change as you step into your new role?

I’ve been overseeing some of our largest accounts for over a year, so I’m hitting the ground running. My focus will shift slightly – I’ll be taking a broader view of key accounts, overseeing them end-to-end and enabling the team here to deliver incredible, effective client events and experiences.

I’ll still be on site for a lot of events though, investing time in client relationships, understanding their objectives, and ensuring that we’re delivering exactly what they need.               

Travel sounds like one of the perks of the job at Inconnection. Do you get to do much of it in your spare time?

It is, we get to go to some amazing places – I’ve had the chance to go to Hawaii, South Africa and I’ve even camped on a glacier in Iceland on an incentive trip.

I love to travel in my spare time too, earlier this year I got married so for our honeymoon we decided to take a true ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ trip to Singapore, Lombok and Bali. It was incredible, we stayed in some of the most beautiful hotels I have ever stayed in and the weather was fantastic. At the moment I haven’t got anything planned for 2020 but I’m hoping to squeeze a ski trip in in January!           

There’s a rumour in the office that we’re going away for the Christmas party, can you give us any hints or is it all under wraps?

I wish I knew! It’s all in the capable hands of our Managing Director, Nick. The whole team is really looking forward to it.       

Looking ahead to 2020, are there any projects you’re already looking forward to working on? Or things you’re looking forward to seeing happen within the business?  

Yes definitely, we’re planning an EMEA conference in Lisbon in March and there’s an incentive trip to Dubrovnik coming up in April.

In terms of the business, I’m looking forward to seeing the team continue to grow, and to dedicating even more time to client services in my new role. For the rest of November and December I’ll be concentrating on business plans and strategy ready to hit the ground running in January.

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