Introducing Pay Per Engagement Events

1 March 2019

Event-based marketing – from conferences and networking to brand experiences – delivers real results for businesses. That’s why the stats paint the picture they do:      

  • 95% of marketers agree that live events provide attendees with a valuable opportunity to form in-person connections.

  • An overwhelming majority of C-Suite execs (87%) believe in the power of live events and plan on investing in them more in the future.

  • 80% of businesses that are overperforming against their key business objectives will increase their live event budgets next year.

(All stats from Bizzabo: The 2019 Event Marketing Report: Benchmarks & Trends)

Historically it has been a challenge to make event ROI quantifiable. Companies would organise events on hunches and report on them with anecdotal evidence, leaving them second guessing their real value.

That’s why we’ve created My Connection Pay Per Engagement Events – a new way of measuring and guaranteeing ROI by allowing you to pre-select and pay for a precise level of engagement with your target audience.

Sound exciting? It is. Find out how it works below.  

What do My Connections events look like?

A My Connections event looks just like any other Inconnection event – unforgettable, high-impact and high-engagement. The format may even look the same – a golf day, dinner at one of Europe’s hottest hotels, or an expertly designed and managed conference. The only real difference is all the engagements that take place have been carefully pre-selected to guarantee real business value. 

Each year we host a limited number of My Connections events, typically with a single Lead Sponsor per event. These leads often work with their partners, distribution networks and associates to share costs and the opportunity.

Using our in-depth understanding of the events, incentives and experiences fields, we tailor each event format to attract and engage the Lead Sponsor’s target audience.

The events always incorporate a mix of business and leisure activities. Popular formats may include:

  • My Channel Connections Winter. An IT channel event hosted in conjunction with a distributor for an audience of vendors and resellers. The event could take place over a long weekend at a European ski resort.   

  • My Construction Connections Summer. A construction industry event hosted in conjunction with a builder for an audience of suppliers and agents.  The event could take place over a long weekend at an overseas golf resort.       

  • My Professional Connections Lunch. A professional services industry event hosted in conjunction with a firm of solicitors for an audience of bankers and intermediaries. The event could take place over lunch in UK cities.      

  • My Channel Connections Day Pass. An IT channel event hosted in conjunction with a distributor for an audience of vendors and resellers. The event could take place over a day at UK horse racing meeting.

What do My Connections events cost?

With My Connections Events, Lead Sponsors know from the outset the exact number of engagements that will take place.

They pay a fixed cost per engagement, making it easy to predict, measure and justify the event’s cost, value and ROI. For more detail on those costs get in touch now.

What is an engagement?

My Connections Events refer to business engagements as ‘engagements’. Depending on the event, those engagements can take many different forms – from one-to-one meetings to group presentations, workshops and tutorials.

All engagements are measured by their length and weighted by audience impact. Target numbers are specified before the event, measured during the event and reported on after the event.

How is the target audience invited to My Connections events?

Once a Lead Sponsor has agreed in principle to support an event, we are responsible for sourcing and confirming the right audience. We also design the communication programme (with Lead Sponsor branding and messaging) for each event, ensuring that everything is ready to go straight out the box once the audience is confirmed.

And if the target audience isn’t interested or available? Lead Sponsors don’t pay a penny.

My Connections Pay Per Engagement Events are an innovative, cost-effective option that make event ROI quantifiable. We are excited to offer My Connections to Lead Sponsors from across sectors.

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