2019: The Year in Review with Inconnection MD, Nick Hamilton

20 December 2019

The past twelve months have been some of the busiest and best at Inconnection. From standout events to key moments within the business, we sat down with Inconnection's Managing Director, Nick Hamilton, to talk about his highlights from the past year. 

Hi Nick, 2019 has been an incredible year at Inconnection – tell us about it.

It’s been a really significant year for us. There’s been a lot of exciting changes in the business, new clients and of course, some unforgettable events and incentives.

We’ve delivered some huge events and incredible incentives this year. Are there any that really stood out for you?

It’s been a year of highlights honestly. We’ve delivered some brilliant conferences and events in London, large EMEA conferences in Europe and the team have been all over the world delivering incentives. We’ve been to Miami, the Alps, all over Europe and even the Arctic circle.

But for me, the true highlight has to be our London Comedy Lunch which took place earlier this month. The event is in it’s 9th year and it keeps going from strength to strength.

Absolutely! Lots of returning guests said this year’s Comedy Lunch was the best yet – would you agree?

It was definitely one of the best, it was our biggest year with over 600 guests and Jimmy Carr was a brilliant headliner. Most of our guests are from the IT and technology industry so it’s always a great networking opportunity for our clients, as well as a great way to kick of the festive celebrations.

Planning for next year starts now!

It’s felt like a vintage year for hospitality too – particularly given that hospitality is often misunderstood…

Hospitality isn’t just a jolly - used strategically and as part of a structured rewards and recognition programme, hospitality can be a great tool for building relationships and driving results.

This year we developed a new management service of a Prime Suite box at the Manchester Arena on behalf of a client and it’s also been an incredible year for sporting hospitality. It’s been a fantastic year for cricket especially, with England and Wales hosting the World Cup and then of course England winning it.

We’ve also had the usual great stuff that comes around every year like Wimbledon, Cheltenham Races, Six Nations Rugby, the football and more!

You’ve been working hard on the business, as well as in it. It’s been a really exciting year for Inconnection – tell us how the business changed in 2019.

We launched the new Inconnection branding back in August which was a standout moment for us and a great way to mark our 20th year.

We’ve also grown considerably, with some brilliant new team members joining us. The focus has been to develop new specialised roles across our Operational and Accounts Teams to improve our efficiency as an agency and pass those benefits onto our clients through the outstanding customer experiences we deliver.

And we’ve been developing some revolutionary new offerings – new ways of quantifying the efficiency of client experiences and new ways of paying for effective engagement. Can you tell us more about that?

Absolutely – innovation has been a key word for us this year. We’ve been refining MEMDEX, which is our way of measuring how organisations account for the effectiveness of their events-based marketing, and working on our Pay Per Engagement offering.

Pay Per Engagement is our way of making sure our clients know exactly the level of engagement they will get from an event beforehand so it’s possible to accurately calculate ROI.

We should talk about what hasn’t changed too – how is Inconnection the same?

We’re still completely focused on putting the client first – developing great relationships, delivering unforgettable experiences and using rewards and recognition to drive great results.

Any final thoughts?

I’d just like to thank all of our clients and the team here at Inconnection for everything we’ve managed to achieve over the past year. It’s been one of the best years yet and I can’t wait to see what 2020 holds.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!