Conferences, networking events and brand experiences have been essential components of successful marketing strategies for decades. There’s little doubt that they provide powerful results for business, but their impact can be difficult to quantify.

In an increasingly results driven industry, being able to calculate the return on investment is a must. So, we’ve created an innovative way of designing, delivering and evaluating events with MyConnections Pay Per Engagement Events.

It’s as simple as the name suggests – you pay per business engagement, and that’s it. From the outset, you know the exact level of engagement you’ll get with your target audience and you only pay for the engagement you need. There’s no more second guessing the value of your events or trying to weigh up the return-on-investment, it’s all laid out in front of you.

What does a MyConnections Pay Per Engagement Event look like?

From the outside, a Pay Per Engagement Event looks just like any other brilliant Inconnection event. 

They can happen over a few days, combining a series of formal and informal business meetings with a sporting activity such as golf, or they can take place over a single day with speed networking and entertainment.

The only real difference is the way that we organise and structure the event beforehand to ensure that the optimum number of valuable business engagements happen between the right people.

How it Works

Using our twenty years of experience within the events industry, we design an event format with the perfect blend of business and leisure activities that we are confident will attract and engage the right people.

Once the format has been created and the number of engagements defined, we invite Lead Sponsors to participate. They can choose to work with their partners, distribution networks and associates to share the costs and the opportunity, and we take care of coordinating everything.

During the build up to the event, starting with the invitation process, we liaise between the Lead Sponsor and the target audience to schedule a personal calendar of engagements for each attendee. We ensure that each personal calendar is based on the needs and interests of each attendee to guarantee it’s a valuable, worthwhile event for everybody attending.

The cost of the event is calculated per business engagement, all of which will have been pre-determined by the event format. The cost of each engagement will depend on the type of event, for example the price of an engagement at a one-day, one-to-one networking event starts at £20 whereas the cost of an engagement on an oversees event across a few days would start at £150.

But the great thing is, the Lead Sponsor doesn’t have to commit to a cost until a percentage of the target audience has been confirmed. This means that if they aren’t interested or are unavailable, the Lead Sponsor has nothing to pay.

Possible MyConnections Event Formats

MyChannel Connections Winter

An IT Channel event hosted in conjunction with a distributor for an audience of vendors and re-sellers.

The event could take place over a long weekend at a European ski resort.

MyProfessional Connections Lunch

A professional services industry event hosted in conjunction with a firm of solicitors for an audience of bankers and intermediaries.

The event could take place over lunch in UK cities.

MyConstruction Summer

A construction industry event hosted in conjunction with a builder for an audience of suppliers and agents.

The event could take place over a long weekend at an overseas golf resort.

MyChannel Connections Day Pass

An IT channel event hosted in conjunction with a distributor for an audience of vendors and re-sellers.

The event could take place over a day at the races in the UK.