Top 10 Reasons to Use Virtual Events

6 July 2015

Virtual events are still very much in their infancy, especially in the UK, with many organisations still unsure about the value and benefits that they bring. Here is a top 10 of why you should consider hosting a virtual event:

1: High Impact 

The audience is engaged the instant they log in and start viewing from their laptop, tablet or smart phone.

2: Low Cost

Virtual events can be as much as 75% cheaper to execute than a live event. A well-planned, produced and executed event will deliver outstanding feedback.

3: Global Coverage

Virtual events can be viewed by audiences of hundreds or thousands interactively across the globe via the internet.

4: Convenient

One of the major pains for live events is attendees being unable to attend where-as virtual events give them the option to log-in at the start time or stream and view later at a time that is convenient.

5: Audience Engagement

The desktop through which the audience is viewing the virtual event can be optimized to suit individual preferences thereby maximising personal engagement. This leads to interactive Q&A session and discussions over social network sites such as Twitter.

6: Instant Feedback

Instant feedback can be somewhat difficult sitting in the audience of a live event. At virtual events you can chat online with fellow delegates and ask questions in real time.

7: Flexibility

Virtual events offer the opportunity to produce a number of version or variants without any real cost implications. This means different languages, video content, graphics, speakers etc are all possible.

8: Extendibility

You can divide your content into chapter headings and host it on the internet, or simply redistribute it via YouTube, DVD, QuickTime or to smart phones.

9: Measurability

Valuable statistics such as who is logging on and when, audience size, geography, location and conversions are all available in real time.

10: Environment

The cost to the environment is significantly smaller than that of a live event as delegates don’t have to travel from all over the country or globe to attend the event.