Social Recognition Works

6 July 2015

Social non-monetary reward and recognition systems add huge value to your business by allowing your employees recognise their fellow employees’ contribution to the business in a social environment. If you embrace social media within your organisation you will quickly realise that the currency which has the greatest value to knowledge workers is the desire for recognition. Social recognition brings to light contributions and key milestones made by your employees and transmits this across your corporate intranet. Recognition becomes part of your culture by infusing your social intranet with stories of success and achievement, highlighting them throughout your business. When it comes to incentives and rewards, non-monetary recognition through social recognition is one of the most powerful incentive and reward tools. ‘Workplace recognition goes hand-in-hand with your company’s success.’ One company that has reaped the benefits of workplace recognition is Zappos, who in 2011 were recognised as number 6 on the 2011 Fortune: 100 Best Companies to Work For List. Recognition is built into their culture as Zappos understand that people like to receive some form of recognition for their achievements, especially when the recognition is genuine. “We are constantly creating new and unique awards that get the recipient’s name in front of the company and acknowledge their efforts, achievements, and positive behaviour”, Shannon Roy, Zappos.