Managed and Planned Corporate Hospitality - It Pays to be Organised

6 July 2015

In the world of event management it’s our job to be organised so we certainly know that it pays to be organised! It’s also our job to ensure your event achieves your objectives and exceeds your expectations to provide you with the best return on your investment possible thus making your event more profitable. Having organised an endless amount of events over the past 15 years from conferences for 300 delegates to incentive travel events to Las Vegas for 20 guests, we can safely say that it pays to book early.

Managed and Planned Corporate Hospitality

We all know that corporate hospitality is great for cementing client relationships and gaining valuable face to face time with your key people. However, when managed and planned well corporate hospitality can become an even more effective tool to use for achieving your specific business objectives as you are able to strategically plan your event in advance and put measures in place to ensure your objectives are achieved. Crucial to a successful corporate hospitality event is your guest’s list. Organising and planning well in advance of the date of the event enables you to get your key people to commit to attending your event – before your competition has already done so. Last minute corporate hospitality bookings may mean that your key people are unable to attend due to other commitments meaning that places will either end up unused or filled by less appropriate guests which could mean that you are unable to achieve your objectives leading to a decrease on your return on investment. As part of our Corporate Hospitality service we manage and plan our client’s yearly corporate hospitality plans ensuring that objectives can be defined well in advance and most importantly, measures put in place to ensure these objectives are achieved. This also means there’s no last minute rush or panic to organise an event. Whilst this is part and parcel of the hectic world of an event manager (!), events that are organised and planned well in advance of the date will ultimately yield a greater return on your investment.

Advanced Planning

We suggest that it’s beneficial to space your events out with foresight of the calendar. Planning your budget allocation in advance enables you to plot a variety of events which cater for different business objectives and allows you time to invite your key people to the event that will have the most value to them. With advance planning we are also able to build the event into your long term marketing strategy by drip feeding information to your key people in the run up to the event to build-up the anticipation. This continual contact with your guests ensures your event receives maximum exposure adding greater value to your event which will increase your return on investment. After the event we encourage our clients to obtain measurable feedback from event hosts and attendees. We see real value in this as it is an extremely effective way of defining whether you have achieved your objective enabling us to measure your return on investment. Corporate hospitality is an effective tool to gain valuable face to face time with key clients, however strategically managed and planned corporate hospitality events will enable you to define your objectives and put measures in place to ensure you not only achieve them but that you achieve a quantifiable return on your investment. As part of our Corporate Hospitality service we can create and work with you to put a strategic yearly corporate hospitality plan together that will achieve your objectives and provide you with a return on your investment.