How Social Peer-to-Peer Recognition Benefits Your Business

6 July 2015

Provide Public Validation

Recognition by your peers makes you feel valued in a significant way as they truly recognise and understand the effort, time, and skill that goes into the achievement. A senior figure will of course appreciate the result but peers will recognise the process making the recognition especially validating.

Reinforce Corporate Culture

Social recognition programmes provide a platform to tell stories that otherwise would go untold. By celebrating these success stories publicly throughout your company you are helping to shape the culture of your company.

Inspire Employees

Saying “thank you” is one of the best forms of recognition for a job well done and it doesn’t take much to say it. The impact can be outstanding as it can leave your employee feeling inspired and motivated creating a positive feeling that they themselves will feel about their work and themselves.

Increase Talent Retention and Productivity

If and employee is recognised for their contribution to your business and they understand the impact it has on your company’s success they’ll be less likely to leave and more likely to make a greater contribution. Social recognition builds employee engagement which has been proven to increase employee retention and discretionary effort.

Build a Community

Social recognition brings everyone within your organisation together to work towards a common goal that will drive employee engagement to meet strategic goals.

Improve Talent Spotting

Through social recognition programmes, contributions of your employees are seen throughout your entire company. The sender will also benefit by visually demonstrating managerial skills.

Streamline Processes

Recognition can sometimes fall down when busy managers are the required starting point for such recognition. Ongoing social peer-to-peer recognition programmes remove this barrier allowing for recognition to take place instantly when the achievement has occurred.

Foster Collaboration

Openly sharing praise and recognition creates a rich gallery of stories that can be searched, browsed, and shared with anyone within your organisation.

Short and Long Term Benefits

Social recognition programmes deliver short and long term benefits. They provide a win-win situation for your company as not only are social recognition programmes are less expensive than traditional monetary reward programmes, they are proven to be highly effective in engaging and motivating your employees. If you are looking to implement a social recognition programme to help you motivate, reward and recognise your employee’s contribution to your company’s success then get in our through our contact page.

We will work with you to create a social recognition programme that will help you recognise your employees and greatly benefit your business.