Creating Successful Motivation Plans

6 July 2015

At Inconnection we understand what is required to create solutions that motivate and incentivise.

There are three traits inherent in any truly successful motivation plan - focus, repetition and positive reinforcement. Communicating what needs to be done, why it is important and the rewards for success create the initial focus. Ongoing communications, education and performance feedback deliver the vital repetition of that focus. Finally, repeated positive reinforcement through competent coaching and a regular opportunity to earn appealing rewards strengthens the connections and creates that important new performance habit. A vital point to remember when designing an incentive plan is to get the end-user involved in the planning process. A truly effective incentive gains buy-in from everyone; buy-in from everyone defines an effective incentive. You must understand your sales team and ensure that the ultimate rewards offered are really going to motivate them and therefore encourage the desired results. Dr Ran Kivetz’s Hierarchy of Rewards stresses the importance of selecting the right reward to increase motivation and states that the impact of a weak motivator can actually have a negative effect. He identifies weak motivators as vouchers and gift cards used for necessities, company discounts and the worst offender of all, cold cash. At Inconnection we have firsthand experience of the positive effect of strong motivational rewards - identified by Kivetz as high end merchandise, exclusive incentive trips, VIP tickets and events, and other hedonic experiences. Through our unique connections within the industry we are able to offer exclusive events and experiences that people will aspire to attend. Whether you want to incentivise and motivate your sales team, secure quality time with a client, or close the deal with a prospective client, we listen to what you want to achieve and use our creativity and flair to bring your thoughts to life.

We allocate a dedicated team to follow each campaign from concept to delivery and ensure you receive a maximum return on your investment.