Communication Impacts Employee Motivation

6 July 2015

Your organisation is changing every minute of the day. Whether you’re bringing a new product to market, deadlocked with your competition, growing, expanding into new markets, shrinking or even in the midst of the dreaded re-organisation, communications with your employees that are consistent and accountable are vital to help every employee within your organisation stay motivated. Being open and honest is easy enough when you’re on a high on the heels of a big win or during a boom, but it can be a challenge to keep the lines of communication open during difficult periods. It is critical to engage and involve your employees through communication during difficult periods to keep them motivated. Inconnection understands the importance of communications. Here are 3 effective tactics that will engage your employees from the top to the bottom of your organisation.

  • Communicate more, not less: Your employees need to hear from you more than ever before during a period of transition. Provide employees across the whole organisation a common place to discuss and find news about the company and its commercial aims.
  • Ask, don’t tell: Corporate communications can often be sanitised for top down consumption. It’s important to point out that not everything is an opportunity for communication but be mindful that your employees have an expectation that you’ll engage with them in dialogue, not just monologue.
  • Be meaningful: Even during tough times your employees will participate. You have the opportunity to understand how your employee’s hard work fits into the overall scheme of the company and how it impact on your commercial aims as you move towards your goals, and to make them proud.