Achieve your Objectives with Corporate Hospitality

6 July 2015

Firstly, rarely have two words been so misunderstood and misused as ‘corporate hospitality’, which can mean anything from a great opportunity to network and build relationships, to an all out jolly with no thought for business whatsoever. A well planned and professionally thought through corporate hospitality programme is a very powerful business tool, according to Nick Hamilton, Managing Director at Inconnection. “We are always keen to stress the business return when talking to clients about any event or programme aimed at motivating, rewarding or incentivising key people who matter to their business. “During the current economic climate there is an even greater emphasis on ensuring that every pound spent on business development provides the best return on your investment possible. It’s equally important in difficult trading times to make sure that the people essential to your continued business success feel motivated,” says Nick Hamilton. Achieving your objectives With this in mind corporate hospitality can offer an affordable solution to cementing those all important business relationships and gain valuable face to face time with your key people. When used effectively corporate hospitality is an extremely powerful tool to help you achieve your business objectives. “We see huge value in creating annual corporate hospitality plans that map out your corporate strategy for the year ahead, as do our clients,” says Nick Hamilton. “Strategically planned and managed corporate hospitality events will provide a greater return on your investment as you are able to define your objectives and then you can set out to achieve those objectives. “By avoiding last minute bookings you are able to plot the events you want to attend and invite the correct guests to ensure you achieve your business objectives. The added bonus of advanced planning is enabling that you secure the right corporate hospitality package that fits into your budget and what you are trying to achieve. Failure to do so could result in you not achieving your objectives resulting in a less than desirable return on your investment.” Key events to attend If you are looking for ideas as to what corporate hospitality events you should consider to form part of your strategic corporate hospitality plan then you’ve come to the right place. We recently published our top 5 corporate hospitality events for the forthcoming year. To see the full details view the article on our blog. Strategic corporate hospitality plans As part of our Corporate Hospitality Service we create annual corporate hospitality plans that are effective in achieving objectives and providing a return on your investment.