5 Unforgettable Team Building Events Your People Will Actually Love

18 April 2018

A few years ago, a Vodafone and YouGov survey of 1000 UK employees found that 54% of workers find team building events and activities either embarrassing or a waste of valuable work time. That's fairly shocking - but maybe unsurprising given the quality of a lot of the options out there…

Chosen strategically and leveraged properly, team building events and experiences can make a real difference – boosting morale, forging great relationships and lighting a fire under bottom lines.

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Like all events, team building events need to built around key business objectives. Choose experiences based on the results you need to see, from improved collaborative working or problem solving, to integrating new hires or strengthening communication with key channel partners.

Let’s take a look at 5 unforgettable team building events that drive real results and, crucially, that your people will actually love…

1. Crystal Maze LIVE & Escape Rooms 

Good for: Collaborative working, communication and creative problem solving

A recent study showed that a huge 86% of employees and execs cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.

Located in London and Manchester, Crystal Maze LIVE experiences are perfect team building experiences for testing and strengthening your group’s ability to communicate clearly and concisely under pressure.

Too far from London or Manchester? Most UK cities now have similar ‘escape room’-style facilities, where teams need to solve problems and work together against the clock to escape a locked room.

2. Amazing Races & Treasure Hunts 

Good for: Collaborative working, interpersonal relationships, and competitive morale

Google, 3M and many other sector-leaders celebrate the impact of 'company creative time' on bottom lines.

Experience-led team building events are a great example of creative time, getting your people communicating and problem solving creatively with colleagues.

A huge range of Amazing Race or treasure hunt-style events are now available. From black cab treasure hunts around London to speedboats on the South Coast, or classic minis in a race against the clock around Italy – the possibilities are endless, but success requires team work, planning, communication and interpersonal skills.

3. Community Service 

Good for: Interpersonal relationships, satisfaction, team morale

The same Vodafone and YouGov study that found that 54% of UK employees can’t stand team building also found that volunteering and charity work are the most popular organised team building events.

Partner with a local charity, authority or community group to positively impact your local environment. Organise a park or beach clean, arrange visits to nearby retirement homes, or help improve public spaces near your offices. Your people will work together and feel great about the result.

4. Corporate Sailing Events

Good for: Communication, creative problem solving, team unity and competitive morale

Sailing offers exhilarating team building events that truly bring a team together.

And you don’t need to leave the UK - the Solent, the home of British sailing, is quickly accessible from most UK cities by air or rail.

Learn the ropes, enjoy lunch on board or at a mainland or Isle of Wight yacht club, and spend the afternoon turning up the thrill factor, with smaller groups usually sailing time trials (a circuit around the Isle of Wight is a classic route), and larger groups racing in teams against each other.

5. Spy School

Good for: Teamwork, communication, unforgettable experiences

If you’re committed to the classic activity day, make it one to remember. Spy schools and similar events, hosted at sites across the UK, are built around the idea of training your hand-picked recruits up to full ‘007’ status with a hard-hitting mix of driving and marksmanship challenges – with extras including hand-to-hand combat training and more.

It’s fun, it’s focused and it’s a day that allows your team to get to know and understand each other – and not a post it or trust fall in site...

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Attitudes towards team building events aren’t a reflection of how effective team building can be – just indicative of the lack of imagination and insight shown by some leadership teams.

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