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LV Broker Incentive to St Moritz


To create a high profile event for the Britannia Rescue top 20 customers, as one of the official sponsors of the Olympic Bob Sleigh Team.


Inconnection created a memorable programme of activities giving attendees the opportunity to enjoy new experiences such as, a snow flash ride, skiing, bobsleigh rides, watching ice polo and a toboggan run. They also enjoyed the buzz of supporting an Olympic team in such a beautiful location.


“I’ve received numerous thanks for the weekend from guests who clearly had a great time. I really appreciated your role ensuring the event was very well organised and ‘went with a swing’. You did a fantastic job and we’ll certainly give you a call if we’re doing something similar in the future”
Andrew Beard & John O’Roarke

Objectives and how they were met

To reward key clients:

All the places for the trip were filled by the right people with enthusiasm and excitement!

To create a good networking and relationship building event:

In the agenda we added team activities such as bobsleigh rides, whilst also adding spectator activities such as ice polo to enable attendees to talk and build relationships.

To provide a bespoke event that leaves attendees with the ‘WOW’ factor:

Whilst the core of the trip was based around skiing and watching the bob sleigh team, by adding additional activities it gave attendees that extra added value that they would not ordinarily have the opportunity to do.

LV St Moritz Incentive | Inconnection

LV St Moritz Incentive | Inconnection

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